When looking at SEO-related homepages, the term [ algorithm ] appears frequently . If you are not familiar with SEO related sites, [What is an algorithm? ] Will be thought. However, the meaning of the algorithm is unclear even if you look it up in a dictionary.

That should be the case, even though the word algorithm simply means [how to capture], it is a word that is used only to say something cool, so it is used in a way that I do not understand. It’s a term that is very often used.

So, for the time being, if you see the term algorithm on the SEO site, think of it as [a mechanism for making it appear at the top]. And no one tells us how to analyze an algorithm, in fact, a clear method.

Google and Yahoo! never reveal the detailed mechanism, and SEO companies have to take SEO measures while analyzing their own algorithms. Many of them analyze the algorithm by sticking to the rankings every day, doing research on viewpoint movement, and checking the length of stay.

There are many different analysis methods, and it is not as simple as using a dedicated machine sold on the market with a single switch.